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Michael Moreau

Michael specializes in the unique financial needs of individuals who are serious and want help attaining financial peace of mind.  He has been helping clients make informed financial decisions for over 31 years.  He is a graduate of The Canadian Institute of Financial Planning in 1993 as a Chartered Financial Planner.  Michael holds two financial planning designations; the internationally recognized Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and advanced planning designation, Registered Financial Planner (RFP).

Wouldn't it be great to have a written financial plan so that no matter what happens in your world, the markets or the economy, you'd still feel confident about your future?

Michael starts by preparing your own personalized financial plan.  He follows the six steps in financial planning, championed by the Institute of Advanced Financial Planning (IAFP) and promoted by FP Canada (Financial Planning Canada).

Michael is also different because he offers unbiased financial advice.  In other words, he is not an employee obliged to recommend a specific investment, deposit or insurance product.

He has developed a process to comb through the over-abundant supply of investments available and then match the ones that are most appropriate to your objectives and comfort zone.  He devotes countless hours each month to monitoring clients' investments.  When necessary he contacts clients to recommend changes.

Lastly, Michael is committed to helping you achieve your financial objectives and peace of mind.  To ensure open communication, he encourages ongoing discussions by telephone and in person.  In addition, he recommends a review meeting annually.

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